Aged wood

We sale and assembly unique wooden elements

Our passion for wood and the desire to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes of our clients, let us develop and implement technology that helps us give aged wood new life, and decorate the interior of your home…

The offer includes construction and installation of:

  • wooden walls and ceilings on existing walls
  • wooden floorings
  • wooden beams – both, simple and decorative

Send us your specification and we will be happy to come up with the offer that will meet your individual requirements.

Wood selection

The wood that is used for our products has been carefully selected by our specialists. We obtain the raw material ourselves by dismantling old wooden buildings such as barns, sheds, houses and other constructions. Before the work begins, the condition of collected wood is checked cautiously. We do not use beams/planks with destroyed structure, unpleasant smell, or those that are too moist. The planks that do not meet highest standards are disqualified from further process. The boards that are selected, on the other hand, are cleaned from nails and passed to the next stage.
Next, we work on the thickness of the planks. The goal is to obtain the same thickness for a given plank class (12mm, 15mm, 18mm, and most often 20mm) on its whole length. On the other hand, the length of the planks that can be placed on the walls, floors or ceilings is between 5m and 1,2m. These are also the lengths of the planks that we offer. Shorter pieces of wood are being used by the carpenters in the production of tables, chairs, doors, windows and other smaller elements.
In the following phase, the planks are being dried up what prepares its surface for brushing. Brushing process is crucial as it brings out the beauty of aged wood.
The last, but not least, step in the production process is to protect the planks against insects to make sure they can serve you for many years.


Natural Methods

  The surface of the plank is not painted, we also do nothing to make it look old. The wood we use aged naturally – passing time and changing atmospheric conditions “designed” and “painted” it perfectly. Our only task is to bring out its natural beauty and give the planks format that makes them reusable and fitting perfectly in you house.


Individual Projects

We execute individual designs of aged wood elements that will then decorate your interiors.
You can also choose to buy finished product ready to be installed (brushed planks) or semi-finished product that you can work with yourself to obtain desired results.
We deliver and install aged wood elements for the interiors of restaurants, hotels and other commercial buildings as well as interior arrangements of private houses and apartments. We approach each order individually. Due to the length of the process in which raw material is obtained and processed, the delivery time is usually 4 weeks.
Choosing us, you choose reliable contractor who can deliver wide range of high quality products. The outcome of our cooperation can be only one – 100% satisfaction, which is what we desire for our clients and for ourselves.