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Wooden houses


Why a wooden house?

One, who visited country side, most probably had a chance to admire beautiful wooden houses that emerge on the horizon from among the trees and the hills. While looking at this stunning landscape, you might have thought of owning such a cosy log house.

Our houses are handmade; each of them is an original and unique work of art. Once you decide to live in a wooden house, you choose living close to the nature. However, you can also take full advantage of achievements of modern technology.

Main advantages


Log houses present several practical and aesthetic qualities. One of those is the microclimate prevailing in their interior. It is chilly inside during hot summer days and pleasantly warm in cold winter months.


For the construction of wooden houses large logs are used. In case of a house made of round logs, log diameters range from 300mm to 450mm. In case of houses made of half-logs and square logs, wall thickness varies from 150mm to 300mm. The buildings are made in unique style that originated in southern Poland, in the region called Podhale.


Log house walls do not require additional insulation and are built to be used all year round. The spaces between the logs are filled with natural wooden wool which makes a perfect finishing to a log house. We also offer walls made of milled logs that add unique design aspect to your house.

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