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Live close with nature

Our focus is on providing complex services in construction of wooden houses/restaurants/hotels. In the construction process, solid massive wooden logs are being used. The diameter of the trees that are used, exceeds 500mm before processing. The houses are made in a unique style that originated in southern Poland, in Podhale. The highlanders who live there, use the same technology as we do, for over a century. When deciding on your wooden house, you can choose from various designs and log types: round logs, half-logs or square logs. The walls are made of the logs that are placed one on another. The spaces between the logs are filled in with wooden wool that, not only perfectly seals the building, but also emphasizes its aesthetic qualities.

Our offer includes below products and services


Seasonal and annual houses made of logs Wooden restaurants and hotels Wooden houses at campsites – up to 35sq m with permit not requested by law Stables Pavilions Renovation of wooden monuments Relocation of wooden buildings


The buildings are delivered in a raw, closed or finished condition, depending on the request of you, our client. Regarding the materials that will be used in the construction process, you can either choose to relay on us, providing all materials, or you can provide the materials to us yourself. One of big advantages that working with us offers, is that you can choose to make part of light work yourself, which decreases construction costs.


Usually, the house is fully constructed on our own construction site. This solution is ideal and highly appreciated by many investors, as the entire construction process is performed at our construction site and the client receives clean, ready-made elements. The time of assembly of the building’s elements depends on the building’s surface and lasts from 2 to 4 weeks.


If the dimensions of the building plot allow it, the structure can be constructed from scratch at the address indicated by the investor. This solution is practical when the building is of large dimensions e.g. restaurant, hotel. In both cases, when building is constructed at our site or investor’s, the investor has the opportunity to constantly monitor the construction progress and make changes to the project if, during the execution of the order, he opts to implement other solutions than originally chosen.


We build according to standard designs or to designs developed by the investor with the help of architects. The construction cost is provided once we familiarize ourselves with the design and discuss the scope of work, individually with each client. Settlements take place in stages as the work progresses. We are flexible and we are able to adjust to the investment budget.

We are happy to undertake the most daring implementations

We are open to the needs of our clients.

We are ready to provide advice and professional assistance with project selection, technology selection and the type of solutions used.